During Satra Zurita’s tenure on the CUSD Governing Board she has accomplished many great things on behalf of Compton students. She promised to: (i) fight for reform; (ii) demand fiscal and performance audits; (iii) cut waste and clean-up corruption; and (iv) put money back into classrooms — and Zurita delivered. THE FACTS: As President, Zurita championed: Music and arts education at Centennial High School. The renovation of the Compton High School science building and auditorium. Opening a new school based health clinic to serve students and their families at Dominguez High School. In 2011, Zurita traveled to the White House to advocate for special education students. Zurita secured $7 million for disabled and special education students. Zurita fought for $5 million to improve low-performing middle schools. Zurita led the partnership between the CUSD and the City to maximize resources and enhance the quality of life for students and their families. Zurita led the charge to allow parents the ability to track their children’s progress online. Under Satra Zurita’s tenure more children have excelled academically, graduated high school, entered and completed college, than in previous years. Let's Continue Delivering Results! – Vote for Satra Zurita.